Slow medicine in Issaquah, WA

Dr. Jill Ghormley works with infants, children, and adults to achieve healing

What is slow medicine? Our philosophy explained.

Meet Dr. Jill Ghormley, ND, MAMS

Dr. Ghormley takes a holistic approach, viewing the body as an interconnected system where symptoms are often windows to deeper imbalances.  She goes beyond treating symptoms and seeks to understand the root causes of illness within the body’s intricate network of systems.

She is skilled at deciphering these signals, recognizing how imbalances in one system can ripple through and impact others.  By understanding the body’s interconnected nature, Dr. Ghormley tailors treatments to address the unique ways illness presents in each individual.



AANP - American Association of Naturopathic Physicians


PedANP - Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians


Peak Potential Institute Member - Pediatric Sacral Occipital Technique Specialist


Member of Worldwide Leader in Healthcare

We encourage our patients to actively participate in their healthcare.

We’re passionate about not only including parents in the journey but looking to them as active participants and advocates for their children. Through dedicated time, education and (another item in list), we empower parents to act from a place of knowledge and confidence to care for their children.

The mission of Hands On Natural Medicine is to embrace all aspects of medicine and use the modalities which best suit our patient’s needs. Dr. Ghormley’s vast medical experience allows her to pull first-hand experience from many modalities to inform her individualized treatment plan. Our goal is to treat each patient in an individualized manner, empower patients through education, investigate the underlying cause of their issue/disease or illness, and strongly advocate preventive measures. We believe that addressing pediatric issues helps to build a strong foundation for a child to move through their developmental years and into adulthood.

Our practice focuses on the nervous system, airway dysfunctions and overall postural balance to ensure optimal health.

Hands on Natural Medicine is a collaborative practice centering slow medicine for young families.

Baby Got Bite!

This simple treatment offers a number of benefits. In addition to improving some breastfeeding problems in infants, it can also improve speech problems caused by a tongue tie, promotes proper oral and facial growth, supports musculoskeletal development, behavioral development and supports airway development and reduces future airway dysfunctions such as sleep apnea. We take a well rounded approach to this procedure using myofascial release and myofunctional therapy, manipulations (naturopathic adjustments) with a treatment plan that includes assessment of total health (GI health, structural & nervous system development).